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You know what they say about sleeping giants

It’s always good to do things that you don’t usually do. Things you thought you were never good at.

I never liked mixing skin tones. It was my nemesis in college. So I would just paint people in different colors. Maybe a blue hand or a green elbow and then relied on my great understanding of value and shading.

But from time to time as an artist, you can get bored with your regular “style”. I really hate that concept that as a creative you have to stay in one style. One subject. One look. I get it. It’s a branding thing. But it didn’t work with me when “they” tried to tell us that our blogs needed a niche. I like a lot of different things. I wear a lot of different styles. Why shouldn’t my creative style reflect that?

Thus she was born. She was an idea in my head that wasn’t going to go away. As if she was standing in the door and not letting any other creative ideas out until she was set free.

She started with a just a doodle. And grew from there.

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I was hesitant of the skin tone but amazingly it came out ok. The flowers and the hair offered the detail work that I love obsessing over.

So it’s good to try new things. Things you thought you weren’t good at. She’s given me a whole brain full of new ideas. Don’t worry. I’ll still be painting and drawing my usual botanicals but I think she has made me enjoy them even more.

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So go try something again you thought you weren’t any good at. You might surprise yourself.

Painting Info:
“I have awoken and ideas are growing”
Acrylic on Canvas
$250 (+shipping if not local)

For purchasing or other inquiries please contact me.



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