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Will there be snacks?

Whenever I go to some event or program, this is my first question.

Well, no actually the first question is will there be coffee?  But then I wonder if there will be snacks.

I actually love the idea of snacking, small meals, tapas, etc.  But now that I work from home the snacks are always there!  There for the crunching and munching.  As an artist working from home, I have moments of intense boredom.  Painting, drawing, videoing it all, editing the videos, doing all the social media techy stuff.  Trust me I’ve got plenty to do but….

There’s a comfy couch and Netflix and SNACKS!

So, I have to be really diligent to keep the cupboards and fridge stocked with healthier options.  Snacking options that I can just grab a handful of and get back to work.  Yep, back to the easel.  Not the couch, with Netflix!

My favorite go to snack is so simple.  Seriously, I just combine two ingredients!  It’s cashews and cranberries.  The C & C.  Like in The Music Factory.  A music factory in my stomach! (I think I’m funny sometimes)

Cashews and Cranberries offer the perfect taste and texture combination.  Salty, sweet, crunchy, and chewy.  It’s all there.  And protein and other healthy stuff.  Healthy stuff is good.

So grab a bowl of C & C instead of cookies, chips, candy, or any of those totally bad for you things. (That also happen to start with “C”, hmmmm…….)  OK so maybe save a cookie for a special treat because you know….. they’re cookies!  And it you have a work from home or sit on your bum job all day don’t forget to move.

What are your tactics for the defeating the snack monster?

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