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Who peed on my Christmas tree

Each Christmas I keep trying to do less.  Less decorating, less spending, less rushing about.  I get so frustrated by all the expectations that could just really see myself cancelling Christmas.  I’m all for the true meaning of it.  A time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Yes I know its not the real date blah blah blah but but its the time we’ve picked.  I’m more in favor of more time at home, more quiet thinking time, more warm drinks by the fire.

This isn’t always met with welcoming arms from my family.  And most of the time they label me as the family Scrooge or Grinch.  I prefer the title of Charlie Brown.  The one in search of the most authentic reasons.

Setting up the tree this year was my first stand on the “Less” Christmas traditions I was trying to start.  I would be truly happy with my tree and its lights and the simple red berries and frosted picks I place upon it.  I like it.  It’s simple and natural– albeit the tree is artificial because the smell starts to drive my allergies nuts.  Although I did make a small spray with a few cedar trimmings, pyracantha berries and deer antlers.

christmas decoration

As I was assembling the tree this year I began to notice an odor than had nothing to do with a fresh evergreen scent.  No this scent was distinct.  This scent smelled like pee.  Being a mom of three and a raiser of livestock I’m very accustomed to what pee smells like.  This was definitely it.  But even more horrifying that the smell of pee on my Christmas tree was how in the hell did it get that way. In. My. Attic?!

Ben searched for other signs of an infestation in the attic.  We had a mouse get in the house last winter and that about killed me.  No animals in the house, pets (unless properly crated) or otherwise is my motto.  But he found no traces of droppings and calmed my fears with the theory that it was just an errant squirrel.  I’m only half way buying into that mind you.

But my tree still smelled like pee and there was no way I was putting it in the living room!  My solution was to assemble it on the carport, douse it with half a can of Lysol spray and sprinkle it with baking soda.  The lemon scent wasn’t as festive as an evergreen scent would have been but the baking soda did resemble flocking.  I let it sit in the cool air to further remove any urine scent.  I amused myself and the children when I used the leaf blower to remove the baking soda.  The tree spun round and round on it stand much like the killer trees from the Doctor Who episode “Christmas Invasion”.  Never a dull moment.

I did leave my tree in its simple adornments placing any further decorations in hands of my children.  Although I drew the line at the full Christmas village.

I also participated in the Annual Arkansas Women Blogger Handmade Ornament Exchange.  I sent a crocheted snowflake garland to Ashley and got some painted clay ornaments from Kayla.

If you would like to read more post about the Exchange you can find them here on the Arkansas Women Bloggers site.


  1. gina says:

    I have sooo many comments. I would loved to have seen your swirling tree-hahahaha.
    Sounds like you had a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation tree trimming experience.
    Love, love, love your crocheted snowflake garland-I wish I had this talent.
    Your “scrooginess” always makes me smile. You are definitely not a Scrooge.
    Merry Christmas, Jeanetta!

    • Jeanetta Darley says:

      Trust me. I wanted to film it but it was hard enough holding the leaf blower and anchoring the tree at the same time. We should have a AWB crochet clache sometime.

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