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Welcome to spring honey

A foggy morning down the driveEaster linens on the linePlants for the garden for the Conway High School FFA GreenhouseWorking hands in the gardenRadish seedlings

This morning Luke said,

“April just can’t make up its mind.”

Welcome to spring honey.  Rain.  Sun.  Fog.  Wind.  Damp.  Cold.

We’ve gotten it all.  Even snow in the past.  Just please not this year.  My garden is already in the ground.

We shall see how starting from seeds goes.  Everything else looks great but the tomatoes.  They seem a bit spindly.  But the cucumbers and eggplants are thriving along with the collards, chard, and carrots I planted last month.  I have already direct sowed okra and look for sprouts everyday.  Waiting for a seed to sprout can sometimes be like waiting for a pot to boil.  If I can catch a sunny day, maybe I can get the purple hull pea bed ready and sowed too.  I still have more beds to build for squash.  I am quickly turning every sunny spot on our tree laden property into food producing reality.

I am adding flowers to my list this year.  The marigolds are all around the tomato and pepper bed and I have two new rose bushes to find a nice spot for.

Most of the time, there’s nothing more I want to do but toil in the garden all day.  It never seems like work.  And I always feel so accomplished when I’ve spent the day pulling weeds and turning over dirt and planting things.  My day to day job rarely feels as satisfying.  But I guess that’s why its called a job and not your hobby.

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