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The season of the winter squash

It’s true I have thing for pumpkins.  It runs deep.  Some would call it a passion.  Others say it borders on crazy fanaticalism.  I feel it’s my mission in life to redirect the common opinion that they are for decoration only.  They are food.  You can eat them.


But they are just one of many varieties of winter squash that I love.  This year I can’t seem to consume enough butternut squash.  I’m loving it in the soups and pasta from Panera.  I even have them together on a Pick 2.

butternut soup and ravioli

Yes.  Set that plate of double squash right here!

I found a really good at home substitute for the pasta in the grocery store.  A bag of butternut squash ravioli and a jar of asiago cheese sauce made an excellent easy and healthy dinner that my family loved.  And it was fast which has been a real need recently.  Sometimes its like we are constantly going and coming and never here at the same time for great lengths of time.

One night I was home alone and craving a tasty healthy dinner.  When its just me I can get away with only fixing a vegetable.  I split a butternut in half making sure to scrap out the seeds and save them for planting next season.

butternut squash seeds

I placed the squash on a baking dish and popped it in the oven for 5 minutes.  Once it had cooled enough that I could hold it I scrapped the insides onto my plate and sprinkled the top with a healthy helping of shredded Italian cheese mix.  It was delicious and good for me and gone to fast for pictures.

I also bought a spaghetti squash and an acorn squash.  I’ll be on the winter squash recipes boards on Pinterest if you need me.

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