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The challenge of being creative

I am determined to created more art.  I spent a lot of money on a degree for this and it’s about time I do something with it.  The problem has always been this thing called real life.  You know that thing with the family and job and house.

I think being an artist as your job must be the hardest thing to do.  I tried way back when but always felt I was not getting the return on my work that I had put in. I was also raising three small kids at the time. I’m constantly inspired by women I’ve met in real life and online who make a real diligent go at it.  I admire them.  In truth I’m probably a little bit jealous of them.

But I know certain things about myself and that’s if I’m not accountable to someone or something I tend to let it all slide.  I have to have a thing to keep me motivated.  That’s why I joined the #MakeWithMe daily sketch challenge with Janine Crum.

For the month of August, enjoy creative, daily sketchbook prompts to help keep your drawing muscles loose, and your creativity flowing. This challenge is great for all skill levels from trained artists to very beginners.

Of course true to form I signed up and realized on day 3 I was already behind.  But I spent yesterday catching up.

I finished my day 3 C is for cashmere #MakeWithMe sketch #challenge #art

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I’m going to try to document all of it on Periscope. Periscope is a new live broadcasting app that I’m slightly addicted to. I love the interaction. And I confess, I love seeing the hearts when I showed drawings. Everyone made me feel so great! So go follow me on Periscope or Instagram if you want to follow my daily posts.  Today’s challenge is D for dinosaur!  I’m really stumped on that one.  Any ideas?

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