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Sunday morning on the swing

Sneaking outside in the early morning isn’t about trying to not let the kids see me anymore.  On the contrary, I’d love for them to join me.  It’s more about trying to avoid letting the goats and chickens see me.

I failed this morning.  Must have knocked my invisibility cloak off while getting out of bed.

Lesson in Listening

The birds all have different songs.  The fair is leaving (we live close).  The wind must be blowing just right becasue the train downtown sounds so near.  There’s a turtle slowly crunching through the underbrush heading up the hill.  Hickory nuts are falling like some hap hazard golf game the trees are playing.  I’m staying safely uncer the porch on my swing.

Lessons in Looking

With each breeze the leaves are starting to flutter tot he ground.  There is a tall dogwood tree on the hill with tiny red berries beginning to show against the fading green leaves.  Soon they will be as red as the berries.  I look forward to its blooms this spring.  The yard needs mowing but I am enjoying the play of lights sparkling through the dew on the leaves as the shadows move.

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