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I know many in Natural State were not quite as enamored as I with the blanketing of white stuff we received as a late Christmas present from Mother Nature.  And I am sure that if we had lost power for as long as a week I probably wouldn’t be either.  But we were blessed, especially considering how many trees populate our two acres.  Living in an all electric house does leave me with the fear that we could be in the same position one day so we have diligently been in the market for a wood stove.  

I dearly love our place in the snow.  There is a very Laura Ingalls Wilder The Long Winter feel to it as you traipse through the woods.  And while we don’t have the traditional horse and sleigh to carry us over the river and through the woods, a plastic toboggan tied to the back of a 4-wheeler works just fine.

And we all know hot chocolate cures all that ails you after a day in the snow.   

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