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ooooo the planning

we are having phoebe’s b day party this sat. its her first all girl party and its a tea party. i’ve been pulling for this for along time and began suggesting it in january.

not that i don’t have a million other things on my plate right now. ie the move and packing, getting some orders finished up, all three swaps sent out………….
but i am really looking forward to this. jeru made me a banner for her. and she loves it.

we will be making clothes pin fashion dolls as the craft.
ladies who lunch and i hope to whip out some little bags for the girls as their treat bags. i opted out of the pinata this time. i just didn’t feel it lent to the whole tea party theme. ooo i need to find a croquet set… that idea just hit me.

i am going the cupcake route. i figure it lent more to the small theme of traditional tea parties. other than that i am a little stumped as to what to serve. any ideas. they will be gladly welcomed.


  1. Kuky says:

    Ooh sounds like fun! I don’t think I’ve ever had a tea party. I can’t even remember having a little tea set when I was little but I’m sure I must have…That’s something I definitely want to do with Isabelle.How about little sandwiches. What usually goes with tea? Cucumber sandwiches? Do little girls eat cucumber sandwiches? Hee hee hee!

  2. Becky says:

    Petit fours, Pepperidge Farm cookies, maybe sandwiches that have been cut with cookie cutters into flowers and stuff. Phoebe is going to have so much fun!

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