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Marching on out

March seems to have come and gone.

I was sick with the plague and cough for most of February so I was very happy to see March roll in.  Even if it was a wet and rainy day.

#Rain and #coffee and #oldcars. #1970mustang

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Having Fridays off have been the best change of 2016 so far.  Not that they are complete holidays with Netflix binges and bonbons.  No, Fridays are my side hustle days.  I’m busy arting, writing, and websiting for a small group of lovely clients I have collected.  I especially loved working with Beth Stephens as she relaunched her Little Magpie website.  Our phone calls rambled on like old high school pals catching up and not like new acquaintances working on a design project.  She was over joyed with her design and I was very proud of the finished artwork.

We enjoyed our annual trip to the races while my kids joined my mom for a weekend wedding at the gulf.

Somebody bet on the gray. I always do! #alltheprettyhorses

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Ben finally finished the smokehouse.  It’s a thing of beauty.  I’m hoping to get a full post written about that whole process soon.  So many have asked about it on Instagram.  It’s coming!  Just know that it produces yummy delicious things!

Today we take the #smokehouse on her maiden voyage. #homesteading

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It pretty much smells amazing on our end of the road. #smokehouse #homesteading #wehavethemeats

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We spent some time over spring break camping at Lake DeGray.

Cozy and colorful. #glampingAR #arkansasstateparks #degraylakeresortstatepark #Arkansas @arkansasglamping

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Twinkle lights #glampingAR #arkansasstateparks #degraylakeresortstatepark #Arkansas

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Thankfully there was no snow this time!

Unfortunately we came home to a busted heater.  Everything is fine but the machines used for clean up were loud and ran for four days.  This was not the kind of environment conducive to the plans I had for being creatively productive.

Easter was a lovely combination of faith, family, friends, and flowers.  Oh and some amazing food: smoked hams from our own smokehouse!

And one with my momma!

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Easter table centerpiece.

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I have so many new things in the works to tell you more about.  Stay tuned!

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