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Make your own seed packets instructions.

Handmade seed packets for seed swap

seed packet template

All solid lines on the template need to be cut.

All dotted lines on the template need to be folded.

If you are printing this template on the paper you want to make the seed packet out of remember to print it so that it ends up on the non decorative side.

All areas are numbered and correspond with the following instructions.

1. Fold this flap up along dotted line.  Place glue along the decorative side of the paper you can now see.

2. Fold to the left along dotted line.  Pressing the glued bottom edge to the other side of the packet.

3. Place glue along flap and fold up.

4. Place glue along flap and fold to the right.

5.  This is the closing flap.  Once you have filled with seeds secure this flap down.  If you use tape instead of glue you can slit the tape to open and reuse the packets.

Happy Seed Swapping!

Seed Packets and cowpeas

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