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Long may she wave

We celebrated Independence Day with acceptable fanfare.  We reveled in family, fire, friends, and food.

Ben’s family was in town visiting so the kids and I took them out bright and early to our favorite piece of summer Americanna: the farmers market.  What better way to celebrate America than to show support to local farmers.  Celebrate the hard work they have put into a great local product.

Melons for the Fourth at the #farmersmarket #knowyourfarmer #eatlocal #buylocal #argrown #Arkansas A photo posted by Jeanetta (@jeanettadarley) on

I bought blackberries of which I had visions of turning into a cobbler but have been steadily popping these thumb-sized berries into my mouth.  Grabbing a couple when passing by the fridge.  Tossing them on my yogurt.  This egg and toast breakfast really needs another food group.

#arkansasgrown #blackberries #buylocal #eatlocal #knowyourfarmer #farmersmarket #argrown #Arkansas

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The kids searched out their favorite treats.  Luke has to get his favorite buttery white rolls from the the Bar C Farm and Phoebe was in search of macaroons form Almost a Farm but settled on fudge from Pattycakes. My in laws were very impressed with our little farmers market.  Barbara and Jack took back pickles and chowchow from Maria’s, some of my favorite blueberries from Caney Farms, and fresh corn and watermelon for our Fourth of July lunch that day.

My Yankee Doodle dinner.

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The kids got really crafty this Fourth.  And unfortunately the only source of red, white, and blue came from my nicer acrylic paints.  But they had fun.


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These kids are gonna owe me some acrylic paint after this holiday.

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Long may she wave.

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I’m not a big fireworks fan.  They are fine from a distance with an orchestra playing but I have never enjoyed the home-style flash and bang show.  Everything is too loud and there was that time when I was a kid that the whole bag of fireworks caught on fire.  I’m sure the experience of running for your life and jumping bottle rockets and roman candles while the whole “show” goes up in a fiery ball of flames has left from latent childhood fears.  And when we lived in San Antonio our neighborhood was just outside the city limits which meant the firework stands were a block away.  The streets were like a war zone.  You prayed your house didn’t catch on fire and cursed the clean up you would have to undertake the next day.

It’s his first time in a fireworks store. He might be a bit excited.

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I may have some ptsd issues after this. There are definitely latent childhood fears at play here. #fireworks

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But its good to have friends that live in wide open spaces and pond.  Just perfect for fireworks.

Happy Birthday America!


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