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Learn to do what we do

Those words came echoing across the football field from the bellowing voice of the opposing team’s coach.  We all got a good chuckle out of the fact that we could hear him so clearly.  There his team was on the field playing a game they practice everyday to do.  Unfortunately for them, we were beating them 44-8.  His gruff voice seemed to plea with them to put into practice all the things they practice while at practice so they can do these things when game time comes.  Yes a lot of practicing and apparently very little doing.

I never thought that I would find life lessons at my son’s football game but that coach might have well have been yelling those words right at me.

“Learn to do what we do!”

If I’m truly interested in website design and coding and social media management then I need to “do what I DO“.  Sort of a pee or get off the pot meaning.  I need to get serious about what I’m doing and put a plan in place.

Jackie Wolven a fellow Arkansas Women Blogger and all around awesome person led a couple of very inspiring sessions a AWBU this year that really started me thinking.  She asked a roomful of bloggers if anyone had goals.  5 year goals?  3 year goals?  Maybe a couple of hands went up.

Certainly none of them were mine.  I don’t know that I have ever had a goal for myself.  Oh sure there were the obvious: graduate high school, getting the part in the play I wanted, graduating college.   But then what?  And certainly not much in the last 16 years.  You know, when REAL life began.  In a way I feel like I’ve just figured out in which direction I want to head but an unsure of what I want that to look like when I get there.

This whole blogging-web design thing has always been just something that I did.  Now I need a plan to turn it into what I DO.

“Learn to do what we do!”

Thanks Coach.  And Jackie.

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