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It’s just too easy

God makes it way to easy to get awesome photographs at this time of year.


  1. MiMi says:

    You are absolutely right! I can’t wait to get outside with my camera. Your photos, all of them-pumpkin patch too-are gorgeous. Fall is my most favorite time of year. It’s like a rebirth for me…cripsness, colors, smells. I love your homemade items-wish I could do those things. I can’t, so I like to visit sites of people that can! I found your blog from a comment left on Whimsy-Love. I’ve been following her blog to look at pretty things. I like your blog too…I’ll be visiting.See ya later, alligator!

  2. Meander says:

    Splendid indeed! Just found your blog while visiting the Farm Chick’s site – love it all! What a gorgeous family you have and such cute style! I’m adding you to my blog roll right now. Thanks so much sweetheart, for all of the inspiration. Take care!

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