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in record time.

i finished my sweet and sinister swap items for my partner heather.

don’t look heather if you don’t want to see. lol.
i loved doing this swap. one of my fav color combos is black and white. and after all this getting ready for halloween at the shop i was still in that creative gear.
first i am going to start out with my favorite thing from what heather sent me. i have successfully kept it out of the clutches of my daughter but the kids have pretty much laid claim to the rest of the goodies she sent me. but i love this little dress. she has recently been inspired and is sponsoring her own paper dress swap over on her blog. but i was lucky enough to get this spooky-cute couture.
ok now for her goodies.
a pincushion to remember the swap by.
a decorative little sign that she can hang her own greeting or picture from the clothes pin after halloween.
a sweet little tussie mussie that later got filled with crafting goodies. the rules of the swap said we could use a bit of orange and it is one of my favorite colors.
and a box filled with goodies. maybe she can use them on her paper dresses.


  1. Bejeweled says:

    I was good – I didn’t peek until after I opened the box 🙂I love everything!!!! It’s all absolutely fabulous!! And I loved the little notecards you included too – love your stylish drawings!I sent you an e-mail too gushing with more praise 🙂

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