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if it wasnt for the shipping

these are what i have been up to alot lately. i love old signs. i have always wanted to make some but have never gotten around to it. but then i hit an inspiration with the plethora of cabinet doors at the habitat for humanity store. these will go off to the shoppe tomorrow. along with some aprons and other little creations. i wish that the shipping wouldnt be so crazy or i would love to put them up on etsy. if anyone is ever interested let me know and i will check on the shipping and what not.


  1. Nancy says:

    I so love these signs…. and yes, wish shipping wasn’t so much. But when you have a spare minute, why not see what it would cost to ship to Juneau. Probably not ground as that would take weeks…. I could possibly see a BELIEVE arrive just in time for the holidays!

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