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I sound like a frog

Aren’t summer colds the best? I’ve been drinking gallons of hot things just to keep my voice from going.

The garden looks lovely. The purple coneflowers are so tall this year. They are proving to be quite the inspiration for my artwork.

I am continuing to explore the mix of nature and nostalgia. And I get to create the most lovely bouquets in my artwork.

Luke helped me work up a video for a foodie Friday article for Arkansas Women Bloggers. They are called Choco-Raspberry Micro Cakes. Micro because they a small and you cook them in the microwave. You should check out the video and the post on their website for the full recipe.

Well, I have to pack up for an art booth I’m doing with Shakespeare. More about that later.



  1. gina says:

    I wonder if you’ll turn into a princess if kissed? Hope you’re voice is back soon. Lovely video. I love your storytelling in this way.

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