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i love this movie

oooohhhh!!!! i just watched the best movie!!!!

i had wanted to see it while it was out but like life with 3 kids making it to the movies to see anything that doesnt require computer animation or have all the main charaters played by animals is a rarity.
so i was planning on staying up and working on some projects that have been bouncing along in my head. i figured … hey lets see whats on on demand.

i was hoping that the holiday would be on there. jerusalem had talked about how she had just bought it and loved it ,which i knew she would….. that movie was one of the rare occassions i was talking about. but no such luck it wasnt there yet. so i am scrolling through way to many movies i either a. dont a clue what they are or b. would never watch in a million years…ie horror movies, and low and behold the lake house was there.

i had heard some people complain that they couldnt follow it. that things didnt seem to add up. but i guess my mind runs in that disjointed, out of order state most of the time that i was totally into it for the whole hour and 39 minutes. did i meantion i loved this movie?

in a way it was very reminisent of griffin & sabine…. which i keep meaning to buy and read the last one of the second trilogy. lovers separated by space and time.
well needless to say i abandoned my projects. the lake house just drew my full attention. and great music too. did i mention i loved this movie?

hope you get the chance to love it too.

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