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I am a garden evangelist

I get so excited when the gardening and growing season starts. 

The chance to sink my hands into the ground and pull out food.  And this year has become even more exciting because I’m getting to experience growing a garden for the first time through the eyes of my friend Kitson.

For the past few years she has listened to me rattle on about peas and squash and tomatoes and such.  She’s clicked liked on my garden photos and enjoyed the bounty I’ve brought into the office when my family has screamed “ENOUGH! Not another squash and tomato quiche!”  But this year as I pulled out my seed catalogs and started planning my garden beds, Kitson began to ask questions?

How hard is it to start a garden?

Do I need a big area?

What if I kill everything?

I assured her starting a garden wasn’t hard at all.  You just need dirt, water, and sun.  And patience.  Lots of patience.

And she’s doing great with it.  And I love seeing her excitement in the morning all ready to share about how things are progressing.  Now her photos of her garden are almost as prevalent as photos of her cats!  And if you knew Kitson you would know that’s saying a lot!

rubbermaid containers make great gardens

She found some old Rubbermaid storage containers that either had cracks in the bottom or no lid to secure it and simply filled them with dirt and put her plants in.  Instant urban farmer Kitson!

container garden

She admits to being overly attentive and of making the classic rookie gardening mistake of over watering.  But she isn’t deterred. And that’s what’s so great.  She’s not afraid to get trying and learning.  A garden is like an institute of constant learning.  And I firmly believe that failure is a big part of learning or at least not fearing failure.  It stops us so many times before we even try.


And look!  She’s already reaping the fruits of her diligence.


Grow Kitson! Grow!  Green Thumb Blessings.


    • Jeanetta Darley says:

      Yes! She is already planning on putting in permanent beds for next year. I love spreading the grow your own mentality 🙂

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