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hooray for green wednesday

can you tell i am a little bit excited? in case you dont know i love green. LOVE GREEN!!!!! i cant think of a shade i dont like. its so new and fresh. it can be relaxing or awakening.
so i had a huge list of my favorite green things. i narrowed the list down as far as i could but as you can see there is still plenty.

happy green day!! 🙂

this is a collection of my favorite coffee cups. notice anything about them? what do they all have in common?………. (from l to r : green & orange floral – clearance deal from ross, green & red geometric – thrift shop in mobile, green w/ red rim – wedding present from pier1 i believe, small green w/ red and yellow flowers – been in the family forever anyone recognize the pattern let me know)
this refrigerator dish was a find from a trip to fredricksberg. i couldnt pass it up. its now has an illustrious life as a candy dish.
green slat shaker. newest fred find.

these are a pride and joy…… and i still have more stored away. i pull these green snack dishes out when i host bunko.

my green pretties. yes jerusalem thats the ring from freshman year.
my front yard.

really there is just no end. i guess i could have put up the picture of our house…… i painted that green too. and there was the green crochet potholders i just adore. and i didnt even go into my closet.
i think i would need a whole week of green to do my collection justice.

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