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Financial Organization tips for feelance creatives
Financial Organization tips for freelance creatives

Homework and Finances

I have homework. I have recently started a weekly class that aims at helping artists be better organized in the business of art. Many times I feel very lost on this aspect of being a freelance artist. When you’re self employed you wear all the hats. And most of the time the hat of accountant seems way to big. Almost engulfing.  Like a little kid in their dad’s clothes.

So our homework was to describe our financial organization methods. My financial organizational methods are constantly evolving and changing. I keep what works and change what doesn’t. Currently I have found these simple tips that help keep all the important information in one place. Check out my newest YouTube video below for a description of what’s working at the moment.

The program and classes I am taking are through the Artist, INC organization. Their purpose is to help artist MAKE ART WORK. Being is artist is my job. It’s not a hobby. It’s what I studied in school. I’m ready for it to be my career.

If you are a freelance creative (artist, designer, writer, blogger) I think a lot of my tips are applicable to those fields and can help the accountant hat fit a bit better. If you have any tips that are working well for you share them with me!


  1. Brenda says:

    I love that you use paper! I have to physically see and hold things to feel like I’m organized. We have several rentals so keeping those separate can be challenging! Thanks for the tips!

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