Hello there, my name is Jeanetta.

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I’m an artist, blogger, and sometimes homesteader. I create and write about the day to day victories and failures (many of them) with making art, family, gardening, and life in general.

Creating & working with my hands

Drawing, painting, sewing, building, you name it. I enjoy showcasing the beauty of nature both from my garden and the world around me in my artwork.

Dirt don’t hurt

I am passionate about the self sustainability movement and am fully embraced in the struggle to implement the practices in my day to day life. Growing, raising, and preserving the food that my family needs means a lot to me.

Keeps you grounded

I believe that reviving the knowledge of craftsmanship and sustainable skills can bring everyone to a better understanding of what is important for an authentic, simpler, slower way of life. By ingraining these skills in our lives, I believe we can become better stewards, innovative problem solvers, and resourceful citizens of the world.

If you find something that resonates with you, I’m glad.

And thanks for stopping by.


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