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Hashing it out with eggs

I’ve really changed my eating habits this year.  Not because I wanted to loose weight or because I had any grand spiritual conversion.  Although I do believe food can be a very spiritual experience.  No, my habits changed after my surgery.  My recovery made eating certain foods not a happy experience for my stomach.  Whether a side effect from the anesthesia or the pain meds or just the fact that everything was moved around, I became very particular about everything I took in.

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This version uses beets which gives it the vibrant purple color that looks amazing with the runny yellow yokes of the eggs.

Consequently I lost 10 pounds which wasn’t my purpose just a nice side effect.  But I became very focused on wanting to eat real food.  Nothing that was from a box or overly processed.  I wanted simple foods that had only been transformed by the blade of my knife or the kiss of the oil and heat from the pan.

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You may not think of bacon and curry as a popular flavor combination but the smokiness of the bacon blends very nicely with the spice of the curry.

Many of these meals I fixed for myself to eat while I was home alone during the day.  And most of the time I had plenty of left overs that stretched into my dinner or the next day.  My favorite quickly became vegetable hash and eggs.  Using a mandolin sliced with the julienne blades, I sliced up a variety of root vegetables and sauteed them.  This meal is great for the one left over parsnip or turnip bulb.  Just slice it up with the rest of whatever you have on hand.  Every version will be different which keeps you from tiring of the dish.  You can also prepare the eggs is a variety of fashions.  It’s also a quick and healthy meal you won’t feel bad serving to you family for dinner or a weekend breakfast.

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  1. Katharine says:

    I love this idea!
    I’ve mixed eggs with veggies before, but usually stick to the more “seasoning” veggies such as mushroom, onion, and garlic, and I add my raw eggs to the mix and stir them around just a bit, to cook them and grab up all the goodie from the pan. Almost always go for a pepper melange, but am beginning to think about the curry thing. 🙂
    Still, I think this looks and sounds delicious and will soon give it a try. Thanks!

    • Jeanetta Darley says:

      With chickens we always have the eggs and they are an easy source of protein. And it just feels good to eat fresh veggies.

  2. Rhonda says:

    I do love everything eggs. They are nutritious, and ideal for keeping up the protein (and yes, losing weight). Prices on eggs have gone up, but they are still one of the best bargains at the grocery store, I think. Gonna put this hash recipe on my list to try.

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