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Good Morning Vacation

Surise with coffee on the dockSunrise over Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas from the dockSunrise at Beaver Lake in Northwest ArkansasSun popping over the trees at Beaver Lake in Northwest ArkansasBringing you a handfull of sunshine from Beaver Lake in Northwest ArkansasSunrise, coffee, water.
All I need for the perfect vacation morning.
The oppressive heat of July has yet to make an impact on the day.
There is a strong breeze and the floating dock creaks and groans while the water laps at the bank.
The sun has just started to tops the trees.
Soon it will be staring me right in the face and me without my sunglasses.
Everything is slowly bathed in the lemonade colored light.
The birds sing good morning and an owl hoots good night.
I swear I just heard a rooster.
This may be perfection
But the rumble of a boat engine in the distance says the perfect solitude won’t last for long.
And thus the day must begin.


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