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Gone goats

A while back we started taking steps to reduce our goat herd.  In truth we are getting out of the goat farming business.  Not that it was a profitable venture in any form of the word.  I think we had dreams and aspirations of that but at this time we just don’t have the money of hours in the day to see it become what we were envisioning.

So we are down to two: Patches and her boy from this spring.  I don’t regret having them.  I’ve learned so much about so many things that I never thought I would have knowledge of.  Not in a million years did I think I would play nursemaid to a pregnant goat giving birth or frantically roll out fencing in a rainstorm after a tree fell demolishing a side of the pen.  Or that i would cart a baby goat to work with me for two months in a dog kennel because her mom didn’t want her. (I still miss Holly sometimes)

And this is all not to say we won’t ever have goats again.  I do love them so.  They are smart (sometimes too smart) and curious (frequently too curious) and Always hilarious.  Even when at first you’re cussing their hi-jinx, there would always be a story afterward that was good for some laughs.

We aren’t selling out completely.  We still have the chickens.  And I have plans for tilling up part of the goat pen this winter to add more room for planting int he spring.  Don’t you know that ground should be quite fertile.  I’m dreaming of a green house out there too.  I wouldn’t say that we have failed at goat raising.  I don’t think you can fail at something completely if you come away with knowledge and a better understanding and respect for things.  We just weren’t successful.  Taking a step back is the smartest thing we can do.  Taking slower steps and trying to be less impulsive and more thoughtful.

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