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Knot comes loose with watermarkI’ve always drawn.  Doodles on my page margins and church bulletins.  Art classes in high school and five years worth of college for that degree.  The drive in me to create has always been strong though somewhat muffled in the past few years.  There were so many other things that it seemed like I should be focusing on.  Things that seemed like they were more important.  But in the course of this half of a month that I have participated in a daily sketch challenge, I’ve realized a few things.  Putting my art to the side is like putting breathing to the side.  It’s like telling my heart not to beat.  As if I had tied my hands together, broken my pencils, and buried my paints and brushes.  I was choking the artistry out of my life.

#MakeWithMe Day 6: F is for fire sketch #art #challenge

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#MakeWithMe sketch #art #challenge Day 8: H is for honey.

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#MakeWithMe sketch #art #challenge 10 (from Monday): J is for jackalope

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