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February where are you going?!

I know its only the 9th but for some reason things seem to be moving fast.  Maybe its because its such a short month.  And maybe I’m excited for Spring to get get here but haven’t put in the preparation in my garden that I should.  I’m read for this weather to settle down and get just a bit warmer so I can stand to be outside getting the garden ready.  I also want to get rid of this cold that has plagued me.  I’m rarely sick and usually power through the occasional sniffles but this thing what ever it is put in my bed for the whole weekend.

When you’ve been in bed sick for two days and husband brings you treats from the store.

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Art, Pray, Love was a huge success both collectively and for me personally.  I sold two of my original drawings! TWO! ORIGINALS!  I’ve got to start some new works soon to build my collection back up.

Art Pray Love

I’ve been pouring over my seed catalogs and I’m very excited for the Faulkner County Seed Swap this weekend.  Making seed packets for purple hull peas and okra seeds are on the agenda.

Arkansas Women Bloggers picked me to be the February Blogger of the Month.  I’m being more than slightly amusing over there so check out what I have to say.

Jeanetta Darley ARWB Blogger of the Month

I’m also a part of a giveaway over on Instagram so go check that out!  Cyndi and I did a fun taste test on Periscope for it.  There was chocolate and wine and yarn involved.  So you know we loved it.

There are a few ways you can get entered and it’s a really great prize.

February has brought one great change for me.  I no longer work on Fridays.  Yes there was a decrease in pay involved but I’m excited to have the time to work on other more creative projects.  And to tackle the occasional load of laundry in between.  Hows the short month treating you?




  1. Gina says:

    Yay for selling two originals! The month IS flying by-happily so. Anticipating some yucky weather next week but after that, a warm up. I’m just keeping me eye on the prize-Spring!

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