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we have been in travel mode since friday. we have stayed in ft worth, comanche, and now austin. tonight while ben goes to san antonio to visit a friend he used to work with, the kids and i will have a slumber party at my sister in laws. she has this great new house i havent seen yet and we’ll just let the kids go crazy and enjoy out glasses of wine. lol.

yesterday we had a great day. in the past that it had opened i never made it to the ikea in round rock. i know what an atrocity!! so i was going yeaterday. we showed up and since the local schools havent begun their vacations yet the parking lot was not full of cars. but a school field trip did show up right as we were and let off 2 bus loads of preteens doing some sort of math-budget-numbers thing. not the nicest of shopping experiences i must say. so we opted to not follow the arrows and head in the opposite direction of the adolescent masses. it only solidified the reason why i quit teaching.

we made a quick round but i didnt have a map and we were trying to avoid the field trip… not easy, so we ended up back at the front. but ikea has a wonderful place. you can check you kids into the play area and shop. my kids were all for that. so in they went while ben and i explored more endepthly. lol.

no i didnt but anything. yeah i know but it was still nice to look. i saw lots of things i thought would be nice when finances were better and ben got lots of building ideas. i had located the kids area that i had wanted to show my crew int he beginning so we checked them out grabbed a great little lunch at the restaurant and let them run around the kids area which they thought was fantastic.

after that we hit the movies. i saw mr magorium’s wonder emporium with phoebe and luke. and ben took david to see fred claus.

all in all a great day. if i dont see you all before thurs, happy thanksgiving.


  1. Sarah B. B. says:

    What a great day! I’m glad y’all are having a good trip. My books arrived (yahoo!) & I love them. The bookmark is spectacular – it got more than the average (hmm) reaction from my husband, even! THANK YOU! Happy Turkey….

  2. Nancy says:

    Mr. Morgorium’s movie looks cute. Is it for adults as well? Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Jeanetta. BTW, I’ve tagged you to share 8 random things about yourself 🙂 Maybe after the holidays?

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