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Fall is for festivals: Conway Ecofest 14

The season is upon us and all though its not officially fall yet it feels like — at least for now.


Let the festivals begin!!!!

This year Luke is excited to no end  to show all the fun things about Conway that he loves to our friends and newest Conway residents The Greers.  And first on his list was the 6th Annual Conway Ecofest.  Luke began his campaign for going as soon as he saw the first yard sign advertising the dates which was about a month ago.

Ecofest focuses on connecting us with our environment in informative and fun ways.

The goal of Ecofest is to provide respectful, balanced environmental education for all ages and interests in a fun interactive environment. It is our hope that you will walk away with a renewed commitment and understanding that our environment and our lives are all inter-connected. The more informed, the better choices we are able to make!

As we walked to the park, I could tell the coordinators of Ecofest had really out done themselves this year.  There were more booths and vendors and exhibits that I had ever seen.  While the boys went in search of facepainting and boxmazes, Jerusalem and I made a bee line for acute vintage clothing booth from America Jane Vintage.

Ecofest Collage
America Jane Vintage

Inspired by the overcast and slightly chilly day, I bought two new-to-me skirts for fall.  You can find Jane (who’s real name in Tina) on Instagram and Etsy so check her out!

Come make a rag doll, you ask?

Ecofest Collage 2
Making rag dolls with old textiles

Well, by all means!  When Jerusalem and I see boxes and piles of vintage material, we must stop.  It’s almost as if our feet refuse to take us any farther until we’ve run our hands through.  We’ve always been very big proponents of reusing and up-cycling old linens.

I was excited to see my friends and former coworkers form the library.  The Faulkner County Library has a wealth of information on topics of sustainability and the environment.  They started the Faulkner County Seed Library and the back yard is home to Faulkner County Urban Farming Project.

Ecofest Collage 3

And one of the cutest thing about Ecofest is all the animals.


And there’s always good food.  The Street Fare food truck knows how to make a costumer happy.  All I wanted was a traditional frito pie.  No dog, no bun as it was on their menu.  Just the chips chili and cheese.  Oh and a few onions sprinkled on the top if it wasn’t too much trouble.  And they were happy to oblige.  And Luke thoroughly enjoyed his chili cheese dog.

Ecofest Collage 4

I love how Ecofest encourages you to not only think outside the box but about how to reuse the box.

Ecofest Collage 5

To use things more than once and to think ,before you choose to use a specific item, about what ways can you make your footprint a little lighter.

Oh and to enjoy the fun!  And the facepaint.  Mustn’t forget the facepaint.

We weren’t sure what they were supposed to be but they looked mighty fierce.

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