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Fall dressings

Fall is my favorite. Even though it feels like summer is still hanging around the cool evenings and crisp mornings give you hope. 

Those are the times when you can enjoy tying your new scarf around your neck and having you coffee on the porch, even though you know by noon you’ll be whipping it off and swatting mosquitoes.  Just be patient. Fall is coming.


I think I love fall the most beacuse it welcomes my favorite colors to nature’s pallete.


The bright oranges, yellows and reds can make a hillside seem so alive even when the leaves are actually dying and the tree is going dormant for the winter. Sort of a last hurrah.  Fall needs very little decoration becasue it brings its own.

But dressing myself for Fall is a completely different subject.  I like to feel all wrapped up and secure.  Sweaters, boots, and tights (and legwarmers of course) are my 3 (4) favorite wardrobe items and all of these items are very uncomfortable to wear during the Arkansas summer. 


  1. Jamie says:

    Love the idea that fall doesn't need much decorating because it brings its own! I have mixed feelings about fall mornings. It's frustrating to me to have it be chilly in the mornings and hot in the afternoon. I do love the crispness though.

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