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Crack that whip

I am in full blown art production mode.  While on vacation I was reminded of a gallery show I agreed to do with my old periscope partner in crime Kellee from Delta Moxie.

“Uhhh sure, yeah I’ll have a full collection of pieces to go by the end of this month.”


So I am spending everyday that I am not at work cracking that whip and creating all these paintings I’ve had stuck in my head.  Sometimes I’m producing a painting a day which sometimes feels like a great achievement since I really haven’t painted in years.

I’ve typically stuck to my pencils and pens because they are mobile and require less clean up.  But my family has been ever patient as I camp out in a corner (well maybe a wall) of the living room with my easel and paints.

I finally finished the revamp of this huge painting.

And also created a new 3 piece collection.

Along the Arkansas Roadside by artist Jeanetta Darley

I call them Along the Arkansas Roadside: Rice, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Cotton,  All part of the landscape you see as you drive around my state.  They are paper and acrylic on canvas with ink on top.  I realy like working in this style.  I get the play with color and texture with the paints but exercise the detail work that i love in my drawings.

So this will be the first of hopefully many that I can pullout of my hat for the upcoming show.  I guess i work best under a deadline.


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