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Art as work

Art is work. Creativity takes as much out of you as any other job. Sometimes more.

You can buy my artwork online!

It’s been years but I am once again an Etsy seller.

In an effort to make my artwork accessable to more people than who i see on a daily basis I have opened and Etsy shop.  I figured this was the best way to handle online sales until I can figure out how to get it all set up here.  But I maybe probably will definitely be lazy about this so I foresee the Etsy shop hanging around for a while.

Creative work is the hardest work I’ve ever done.  It involves your heart and your head and your insecurities.  But I’m older these days than I was back then.  My skin is a little thicker and I’m not out to cover all the “in ideas” or “hot trends”.  I’ve found the focus in my creative work. In my art as work.

And after the longest egg strike ever

We are swimming in eggs!

It happens suddenly where you have to switch gears from rationing your egg usage to hurry fast eat all the eggs.

Eggs and edibles from the yard
Eggs and edibles from the yard

We are back to backing quiches filled with herbs and leftovers and putting a fried egg on everything.  Last night it was sauteed gnocchi.  Trust me it was pretty dang good.

I need to get some more root vegetables as mine still aren’t ready for picking.  I was late getting them in the ground.  I am craving my vegetable hash and soft boiled eggs.

Growing up I wouldn’t touch a runny egg.  Now I crave them.  They ooze and create a nature sauce or gravy for what ever dish I have deemed worthy enough to support my beautiful eggs.

I really have trouble making recipes that call for “only egg whites”  I can’t stand to waste the yoke. Usually I end up frying myself a double yoke egg if if its absolutely necessary.

Santa Clause is coming to town

Art on the Green has a great display of Santa portraits up for the holidays.

“Santa Sips the Brew” Bob Snider

This is a right jolly ole elf for sure.  When I saw it in person it almost seem that he was inside a snow globe.  I love the excitement of this piece.

“Peace on Earth” Patricia W. Wilkes

I met Patricia the night we visited Art on the Green.  She was wonderful to talk to and I loved hearing her story about how her brother was the model for this painting.

Now for the Christmas surprise.  Another giveaway!

You can enter to win a signed and numbered copy of the work below, “Mr. Clause” by Kristen Vaughn.  Let me know what you would ask Santa for Christmas.

“Mr. Clause” Kristen Vaughn

Art on the Green

This past week Jerusalem, Renee, Kim and I were invited to visit a new gallery in town called Art on the Green.

Once you walk in you notice the space isn’t quite like most galleries with stark white walls and dramatic lighting.  Art on the Green’s concept is that rarely does one’s home have plain white walls devoid of color, texture, or personality.  We paint. We wallpaper.  We hang curtains.  So when we bring art into our homes it mingles with all of our other color and design choices.  Sometimes we view out homes and a giant work of art.  Constantly changing.  I seem to be constantly unearthing mine from mounds of laundry and dishes.

"River Valley Haystacks" Bob Snider; 3 works by Harold Krause; "Portal (3 of 3)" William M. McClanahan; "Swamp Moon" Linda Flake
“River Valley Haystacks” Bob Snider; 3 works by Harold Krause; “Portal (3 of 3)” William M. McClanahan; “Swamp Moon” Linda Flake

Art on the Green has a comfortable feeling inviting you to come in, look around, and sit a spell.  The art work is beautiful.  They have a great mix of styles, mediums, and subjects.  They also provide a wide variety of art classes.

Of course when you invite people into your home, you lay out quite a spread and they had many goodies for us from Julie’s Sweet Shoppe & Bakery.


We were asked to send in a favorite recipe.  Parilee Croft a local artist took our recipes and pictures and turned them into hand painted recipe cards.  I love this idea!  They were all so unique and I can’t wait to frame mine and hang it up in the kitchen.  And they make such great gifts.  I searching through old recipes for her to paint other cards for me.  You can contact  Art on the Green to get your own recipe cards commissioned.  At $25 they make a very special and affordable gift to give.

Confetti Pepper Jelly Hand Painted Recipe Card
Click here to read my original Confetti Pepper Jelly post.

We were also given a signed and numbered print of a painting to giveaway to out readers.  “Joy” by Nina Baker.

To find out more about the artist and the story behind the painting you can watch this short video.  And if you would like a chance to win “Joy” by Nina Baker leave a comment below letting me know how you use art in your home.


Art on the Green Artists
Kristen Vaughn; Patricia W. Wilkes; Parilee Croft

I enjoyed meeting and talking to the artists.  I admire their diligence to complete works and actually having a place to show them.  Maybe it’s admiration mixed with a twinge of jealousy. LOL.  Every time after I attend some kind of art function I want to kick myself.  Why don’t you paint more?  Why don’t you take the time to finish those drawings instead of letting them sit around collecting wrinkles from piles of clothing and errant coffee ring stains.  Yes more evidence that the old drafting table has spent most of its time as a catch all.  Some day has to get here at some time, right?

Follow Art on the Green on Social Medial

Instagtram: http://instagram.com/artonthegreen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ARTOnTheGREEN1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConwayArt

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ZZ2g9i5Tc471IlPSJpCXw

The season of the winter squash

It’s true I have thing for pumpkins.  It runs deep.  Some would call it a passion.  Others say it borders on crazy fanaticalism.  I feel it’s my mission in life to redirect the common opinion that they are for decoration only.  They are food.  You can eat them.


But they are just one of many varieties of winter squash that I love.  This year I can’t seem to consume enough butternut squash.  I’m loving it in the soups and pasta from Panera.  I even have them together on a Pick 2.

butternut soup and ravioli

Yes.  Set that plate of double squash right here!

I found a really good at home substitute for the pasta in the grocery store.  A bag of butternut squash ravioli and a jar of asiago cheese sauce made an excellent easy and healthy dinner that my family loved.  And it was fast which has been a real need recently.  Sometimes its like we are constantly going and coming and never here at the same time for great lengths of time.

One night I was home alone and craving a tasty healthy dinner.  When its just me I can get away with only fixing a vegetable.  I split a butternut in half making sure to scrap out the seeds and save them for planting next season.

butternut squash seeds

I placed the squash on a baking dish and popped it in the oven for 5 minutes.  Once it had cooled enough that I could hold it I scrapped the insides onto my plate and sprinkled the top with a healthy helping of shredded Italian cheese mix.  It was delicious and good for me and gone to fast for pictures.

I also bought a spaghetti squash and an acorn squash.  I’ll be on the winter squash recipes boards on Pinterest if you need me.

Woodland Raspberry Trellis

I woke up Saturday feeling the need for a project.  Sometimes having something to work on and successfully finish can clear away frustrations you have in other areas of your life.  Places were you feel a bit powerless to change at the moment.  While sipping my coffee and sitting on my swing, I remembered my raspberries.

At the beginning of the summer, Jerusalem gifted me with a boxful of raspberry plants.  I should say re-gifted.  Her mother-in-law, Mary (notorious for her green thumbing) had thinned her own raspberries and gave them to her.  Since Jerusalem was right in the middle of selling her house and relocating, she didn’t want to plant them in a place she would soon be leaving so she passed them on to me.  And at some point this summer I plopped them into a forgotten over grown flowerbed beside the house.  It wasn’t the tidiest of places for them with all the weeds that had run a muck in the bed, but it was the best my busy schedule could do.  I knew they would need a support system sooner or later but at least they had their toes in some dirt and weren’t withering away in their pots.

So I finished my coffee jumped up from the swing and climbed the wooded hill behind our house.  Crossing back and forth, collecting fallen branches.  Branches twisted from a life tangled with a grapevine.  Forked branches knocked loose from strong winds or last year’s snow and ice storms.  Some covered in moss.  Some loosing their bark.  Back and forth, up and down.  It was quite the work out and cleared the mind.

I had no definite plans or instructions.  The trellis all came together very organically.  I started by make 3 A-frame like supports that would hold up a top cross piece and more horizontal pieces about half way up.


Most of the wood was hickory and quite hard so pre-drilling made it easier to get the screw in. I used 3 inch screws and attached the branches where they naturally wanted to lay against each other.    I wanted the trellis to have a very natural look as though it had grown up out of the ground along with the raspberries.


Finishing the trellis made me very happy and rushed away those frustrations at least for the day.

RaspberriesAnd the raspberries seem to like it too.