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Art Pray Love

I have been recollecting my artwork and reordering prints for a great charity event this weekend.

Art, Pray, Love is a fundraiser held annually to purchase medical supplies for a medical mission trip to the Western Region of the Episcopal Diocese of Guatemala. It will be fun evening celebrating art and the work done to provide medical services to the remote areas of Guatemala.

I just happen to work for the church that sponsors the event and medial trip and I have spent a good deal of time building the website for them as well. (Shameless Plug) This year they asked all the staff members to create works that will be part of a live auction at the end of the night. This was right up my alley but my coworkers were less than enthused. I reassured them that all would be great and we even had an afternoon of art therapy, where everyone got to work on their pieces.

I don’t always feel like I am the best teacher. But the afternoon gave me confidence that I’m not as bad as I was when I was teaching elementary art. We had time to work through techniques and instructions slowly. It was all a very different environment than having 20+ 6 year olds trying to finish an assignment in 30 minutes. It gave me the confidence that maybe I could teach a few classes like I’ve had friends insist I should do.
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