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Art on the Green

This past week Jerusalem, Renee, Kim and I were invited to visit a new gallery in town called Art on the Green.

Once you walk in you notice the space isn’t quite like most galleries with stark white walls and dramatic lighting.  Art on the Green’s concept is that rarely does one’s home have plain white walls devoid of color, texture, or personality.  We paint. We wallpaper.  We hang curtains.  So when we bring art into our homes it mingles with all of our other color and design choices.  Sometimes we view out homes and a giant work of art.  Constantly changing.  I seem to be constantly unearthing mine from mounds of laundry and dishes.

"River Valley Haystacks" Bob Snider; 3 works by Harold Krause; "Portal (3 of 3)" William M. McClanahan; "Swamp Moon" Linda Flake
“River Valley Haystacks” Bob Snider; 3 works by Harold Krause; “Portal (3 of 3)” William M. McClanahan; “Swamp Moon” Linda Flake

Art on the Green has a comfortable feeling inviting you to come in, look around, and sit a spell.  The art work is beautiful.  They have a great mix of styles, mediums, and subjects.  They also provide a wide variety of art classes.

Of course when you invite people into your home, you lay out quite a spread and they had many goodies for us from Julie’s Sweet Shoppe & Bakery.


We were asked to send in a favorite recipe.  Parilee Croft a local artist took our recipes and pictures and turned them into hand painted recipe cards.  I love this idea!  They were all so unique and I can’t wait to frame mine and hang it up in the kitchen.  And they make such great gifts.  I searching through old recipes for her to paint other cards for me.  You can contact  Art on the Green to get your own recipe cards commissioned.  At $25 they make a very special and affordable gift to give.

Confetti Pepper Jelly Hand Painted Recipe Card
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We were also given a signed and numbered print of a painting to giveaway to out readers.  “Joy” by Nina Baker.

To find out more about the artist and the story behind the painting you can watch this short video.  And if you would like a chance to win “Joy” by Nina Baker leave a comment below letting me know how you use art in your home.


Art on the Green Artists
Kristen Vaughn; Patricia W. Wilkes; Parilee Croft

I enjoyed meeting and talking to the artists.  I admire their diligence to complete works and actually having a place to show them.  Maybe it’s admiration mixed with a twinge of jealousy. LOL.  Every time after I attend some kind of art function I want to kick myself.  Why don’t you paint more?  Why don’t you take the time to finish those drawings instead of letting them sit around collecting wrinkles from piles of clothing and errant coffee ring stains.  Yes more evidence that the old drafting table has spent most of its time as a catch all.  Some day has to get here at some time, right?

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  1. Sarah Shotts says:

    Lovely gallery! And I love the heirloom recipe card paintings! Perhaps after the holidays I can contact the artist and get her involved with Project STIR in some way. (Those cards would be a great Kickstarter perk!)

  2. Lisa Floyd says:

    What a wonderful display of artwork! All so beautiful. If I’m ever in Conway I’ll definitely have to schedule a visit. And Joy is a beautiful piece. I’d love to have it in my home. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jeanetta Darley says:

      The actual painting is so lovely. It is painted on a burlap canvas and the fabric shows through and adds depth and texture to the painting.

  3. I would love to win that painting. I’m just a crafter and can tell you that as a person who can barely draw stick figures, I have to work at not being green with envy at folks who have artistic gifts. We have a few pieces of original art. Most recently, we’ve had two drawings by a grandson framed and hung in places of honor.

  4. stacy Mitchell says:

    I would love, love the Joy painting for Abby’s room, which is decorated with lambs & ladybugs. I love to frame Kate’s artwork and hang it up. Earlier this year I painted a bulletin board to hang up Kate’s drawings & paintings. In Kate’s room I hung ribbon across one entire wall at her level: I used jumbo office clips so she can hang school projects and artwork. Kate says she wants to be an artist when she grows up. I certainly want to encourage her creativity. We also made handprint & footprint art to hang up. I love our personalized artwork in addition to our other purchased artwork.

  5. Linda Hatcher says:

    This artist Nina Baker captures the joy of our Father God’s creation both in the individual portraits of innocent creatures or lovely landscapes full of color and imagination. I would display her art to lift my own spirits and to point friends and family to the Loving Lord mirrored in nature.

  6. stacy Mitchell says:

    I would love, love,love to have the Joy painting for Abby’s room which is decorated with lambs & ladybugs. I have framed Kate’s artwork and made handprints & footprints artwork to hang up. I painted a bulletin board in our kitchen & hung ribbon across an entire bedroom wall for Kate to hang & rotate her drawings and paintings. I love encouraging her creativity and enjoy her artwork all around our house!

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