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Art finished or abandoned

I heard recently that no work of art is ever finished its just merely abandoned.  I can always work a drawing or a painting.  I’ll keep messing with the shading or shapes.  Fine tuning details only I probably see. My newest work can fall into that category.


It’s simple.  Or is it too simple. I waver back and forth between adding something on top of the handkerchief or to just leave it as is. Time will tell or an interested buyer.

As I mentioned before, my participation in the daily 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge, would probably not be daily or result in 30 paintings.  But I’m still excited and I’ve never let anything like over projected expectations scare me away.

I feel like my focus is more about starting a bunch of paintings.  Get all these million of ideas started.  At least then they are sort of out of my head and in the real world.  And I can come back to them at anytime.


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