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And after the longest egg strike ever

We are swimming in eggs!

It happens suddenly where you have to switch gears from rationing your egg usage to hurry fast eat all the eggs.

Eggs and edibles from the yard
Eggs and edibles from the yard

We are back to backing quiches filled with herbs and leftovers and putting a fried egg on everything.  Last night it was sauteed gnocchi.  Trust me it was pretty dang good.

I need to get some more root vegetables as mine still aren’t ready for picking.  I was late getting them in the ground.  I am craving my vegetable hash and soft boiled eggs.

Growing up I wouldn’t touch a runny egg.  Now I crave them.  They ooze and create a nature sauce or gravy for what ever dish I have deemed worthy enough to support my beautiful eggs.

I really have trouble making recipes that call for “only egg whites”  I can’t stand to waste the yoke. Usually I end up frying myself a double yoke egg if if its absolutely necessary.

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