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Hello there, my name is Jeanetta and I’m an artist.



As an artist and blogger I find inspiration in nature and nostalgia. My paintings and illustrations grow out of a love of my garden and the natural beauty around me combined with a compulsive habit of collecting old and abandoned items. I believe that some of our strongest feelings are stirred by the awe of nature and the connection to our past.

I can’t remember a time in my history that I wasn’t making something. Crocheting with my aunts or quilting with my grandmother. Drawing with ball point pens on calculator paper under my mom’s desk as she finished her bookkeeping jobs. Standing with my dad’s arms around me as he guided my hands and we turned the legs of our bar stools on a wood lave.

Creating in any form is a holy process. Every human is creative. Every religion has a creation belief of some sort. We were all fashioned by the Great Creator. How can we believe that same ability doesn’t reside with us? Some people just haven’t found their process yet.

I believe that reviving the knowledge of craftsmanship and sustainable skills can bring everyone to a better understanding of what is important for an authentic, simpler, slower way of life. By ingraining these skills in our lives, I believe we can become better stewards, innovative problem solvers, and resourceful and creative citizens of the world.

If you find something that resonates with you, I’m glad.

And thanks for stopping by.


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