A week of drawing animals: #MakeWithMe

A whole week of drawing animals. Drawing living things is not always my favorite subject to be working on. I’m obsessive about details and getting things to look anatomically correct. Remember my frustration over my 8 legged bee.  But i enjoy these prompts because they challenge me.  It’s like homework.

Homework I was very very late at turning in.  I got a little behind and was a little intimidated to draw animal after animal.  But it taught me to loosen up a bit.  Art doesn’t have to be an exact replica.  I guess that’s were the term “artist interpretation” comes from.  All lessons I’m trying to remember.

#MakeWithMe day 13: sea otter. #art #drawing #pen

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#MakeWithMe day 15: toucan #art #pen #drawing

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#MakeWithMe day 16: kangaroo. He's hopping on the shoreline. #art #pen #drawing

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Thank goodness for a snowday to catch up on all my daily assignments!

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