A crow was cawing

This morning the air is crisp and cool and a crow was cawing on the hillside. It feels like fall is here. I hope it’s not just a short visit but a long settling in.

fall pumpkins and leaves

Soon there will be orange and yellow leaves drifting from the trees.  There will be fire pits and pumpkins and sweaters and scarves.  I am really looking forward to the sweaters and scarves because my fall wardrobe is way better than my summer one.

There’s something about fall that seems just as inspiring as spring.  When it’s purpose is the exact opposite.  In spring everything is new and coming to life.  In fall everything is dying but it never seems that way to me.  It’s more like the earth is trying to live simply for a while.  De-cluttering and making a bare bones or rather branches approach to the coming months.

October starts soon and I hope to participate in the Inktober challenge.  I do so love pen and ink!

pen and ink drawing of daisies on woodgrain by Jeanetta Darley ARTIST

I have more events coming up this fall where you can catch me in person.  Check out my events page for more details.  I hope you will stop by for a chat.

Are you excited about fall too? What’s your favorite fall thing?

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