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30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I am ever in need of prodding.
Of something to remind me to keep at it.
Keep creating.
Keep drawing.
Keep painting.
Just keep making art in general.

And since I’m diving back into my paints, I decided to join in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge for September 2016. I found out about the challenge through a podcast that has been getting me through my drives back and forth to work. It’s called Artist Helping Artist and it has kept me focused and chalked full of great ideas on the days that are not centered around me keeping my but in a chair in front of my easel. One of the co-host is artist Leslie Saeta and she started and hosts the 30 in 30 Challenge on her website.

“But 30 paintings in 30 days?” you say.
“Jeanetta? When will you have time to fit it all in?”

Well i have been asking myself the same question but I am determined to my best. And whats great is they aren’t gonna put me in artist detention if I don’t actually create a painting every day. I am just hopeful that i will be able to devote a segment of time each day to whatever is sitting on the canvas in front of me.

And of course I’m starting this thing out already behind. September had the never to start on a day where I wasn’t at home ready to paint and of course I did no pre-planning to get some things ready. But that’s what the weekends are for right. So maybe this will be considered cheating but I’m going to share a painting I put the finishing touches on today.

Daisy and clover

So here’s to a great September! And you will be seeing many of these items for sale here and on my new Facebook Page so be sure to keep in touch.

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